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From the earth to the moon and around the moon
Apollo 8 is the first manned mission to have the moon as its destination. It was the last and full scale rehearsal before the successful Apollo 11 mission.
  • Places and Forms of Power
    • The USA must hurry in the space race since they have learnt that the Soviets are almost ready to send a man on the Moon. The USA can’t afford to lose this battle against the enemy of the Cold War. They must show their power and succeed their mission.
  • Space and Exchange
    • During that mission, an unexpected opportunity allows the 3 astronauts to take a shot of the earth rising above the lunar horizon. This photography would become a mythical picture of the 20th century. Everybody around the world would see it. It would be a great human exchange since it’s the first time humans see the Earth as it really is.

    • It’s the first time in human history that people will actually go to the Moon. This is the discovery of a new space.
  • Myths and Heroes
    • By achieving this perilous mission, the three astronauts become heroes since they are the first humans to see the Moon up close with their own eyes.
  • The Idea of Progress
    • Kennedy’s challenge is almost done. Americans are now capable of going to the Moon. It represents a great progress for mankind. It also proves that the Americans have been capable or progressing in science and technology to achieve such a tour de force.
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