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John Glenn becomes a national hero
Even if the americans had sent a man into space, they still had to prove that they could be up to the challenge of putting a man into orbit, as the Soviets already did. John Glenn would then become America's hero in putting the two nations even in that terrible space race.
  • Myths and Heroes
    • John Glenn becomes a hero after orbiting the Earth because he allows the USA to catch up with the Soviets. With the success of his mission, he wipes away the shame of all Americans faced with a very powerful USSR.

    • John Glenn is also considered as a hero because he dedicated his life to his country. As he says in his own definition of the hero, he must dedicate his life to the others and not think about himself.

    • He spent his life trying to become the hero he had in mind by becoming an astronaut, a military and a politician: 3 jobs entirely dedicated to the benefit of others.
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