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The Mercury project
After being outdistanced by the Soviets, the americans had to demonstrate their power in the space race. The only way that remained was to successfully send a man into space and bring him back safely. Alan Shepard was the one to face this task.
  • Places and forms of Power
    • This mission is the direct response to Yuri Gagarin’s success in space. After being beaten, the Americans finally put a man in space. It shows their power, even if it comes quite late.

    • The media represent a huge power here. With a TV coverage of the mission, Alan Shepard and the mercury project are instantaneously famous. The mission becomes more famous in the USA than Gagarin’s flight. The only difference is made through the use of the media.
  • The idea of Progress
    • The USA have finally put a man in space. It represents a huge progress for them. They follow the Soviets in the space race. This is a technological progress and a political progress as well since the USA are not completely ridiculous.
  • Myths and Heroes
    • Alan Shepard becomes a national hero because he is the first American in space. He represents the hope of a nation. Just like Lewis and Clark, he is the first American to go in this adventure. He is the American pioneer in space.
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