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Sputnik sets up a new deal
Despite the american will to be first, they can't stop Soviets from developing new technologies that would jeopardize their own victory.
  • Places and forms of Power
    • In this document, we understand the confrontation between the two most powerful countries at that time: the USA and the USSR.

    • Concerning Sputnik, it represents the supremacy of the Soviets at that moment in the space race. The USA are outdistanced.

    • We also understand that it not only about the space race but about the arms race. The USA are not scared by the satellite but by the rocket capable of sending a huge payload with a fine precision. In other words, the USA are scared by the Russian’s military power.
  • The idea of Progress
    • Sputnik is a huge progress for humanity. It is the first object sent in space by humans. It sets the start of a new age, that of humans breaking free of their own planet.
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