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A new generation of cars
What cars are we going to drive in the future? Are we still going to have to drive them? Here are a few answers.
  • The idea of Progress
    • The Google car is a great technological progress since it allows people to use cars without driving it. It covers a lot of people including disabled people, drunk people or even people with no driving licence.

    • The fact that a computer drives the car has proved that it eliminates all human-related accidents. The car will drive smoothly and interact with others knowing everything that surrounds it, even the things the passengers can’t see.

    • This technology would allow future cars to be completely autonomous or to add this feature to existing cars so it would be possible to turn the « auto-driving mode » on when the driver feels like he’s not able to drive. This would possibly allow to avoid a lot of accidents.
  • Space and Exchange
    • This type of technology will help people with handicaps to become more autonomous. Since they can use the car alone, they will no longer need assistance in their daily life rides. It represents a new way to rediscover and master the space around them.

    • Becoming more independent will help disabled people to easily more around and visit their relatives. This will help social interactions.
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