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Through this set of documents, you will become familiar with a certain vision of the evolution of communication.
  • The idea of Progress
    Document « Evolution »
    • We can see the evolution of mankind through a special point of view. Indeed, tools represent labor and its alienation. The monkey stand up to become a complete man, but finally, because of the weight of labor, this man turns into something that looks like the first monkey. It depicts progress through the use of tools and its negative effects on humans.

    Document « Phones »
    • This represents the evolution of phones. From the left to the right, we can see that they are becoming smaller and smaller. They also do more things. This is clearly a technological progress for those who use them. Little by little, they become bigger and bigger because the screen is the only interface and also because these new phones are almost like tiny computers.

    Document « Communication through ages »
    • It is a caricature showing two scenes: one in the past and the other is set in the present. At the top we can see people talking together in the prehistoric age whereas in the second we can see people talking through phones, tablets, computers etc. They turn their back on each other and the fire is put out. It shows that technological progress has faded out real human relations.

    Document « Virtual Reality »
    • It shows us the new possibilities of this technology that might become very useful in some cases. It can allow people to travel and see things they would never have seen. It is a new window to the world, even if it’s virtual.
  • Space and Exchange
    Document « Phones »
    • This represents the evolution of phones. With these phones, people have more possibilities to exchange than they had before. They can carry a communication device all the time with them and it becomes really simple to exchange and communicate easily with almost anybody in the world. Exchanges are instantaneous.

    Document « Communication through ages »
    • Through the caricature, we can see the evolution of exchanges. Before, people used to talk face to face whereas now, they use communication devices that allow more possibilities but also break the « real » communication. People won’t talk to their neighbors but will virtually discuss with someone across the country.

    Document « Virtual Reality »

    • With this new technology, people will be able to virtually travel to new places and communicate differently. The purpose of this technology is to give a certain sense of authenticity that might be absent from other devices like computers or phones.
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