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Anakin’s Fall, part 1
Here, you will start to understand that everything will change for Anakin. You will also witness how power can twist his mind…
  • Places and Forms of Power
    • In this video extract, we can see the evolution of Anakin. He has become a powerful Jedi.

    • Anakin had a nightmare he considers to be a premonition. This power of seeing the future will lead him to go save his mother.

    • Anakin uses his Jedi powers to slaughter all the people in the village after his mother dies.

    • After his return, Anakin explains to Padmé that he wants to become the most powerful Jedi ever. He wants to learn to stop people from dying. This power does not exist but it he says he wants to find the way to stop death.

    • Even if Anakin is very powerful he doesn’t have the power to control his emotions which is an important aspect of being a Jedi.
  • Space and Exchange
    • Anakin comes back to the planet he comes from. We see that he exchanges with his former master to know what happened to his mother.

    • Anakin exchanges with Padmé, telling her what he really wants from now on. In a certain way, he is announcing his future fall.
  • Myths and Heroes
    • Anakin couldn’t become the hero of his mother. He was not capable of saving her whereas he had the power to.

    • Anakin is deriving from the idealized vision of the hero he had when he was a child. He said that he dreamt of becoming a Jedi and that he would come back and free everybody. Now, he has come back, but this is a complete failure.

    • Because everything seems to be going wrong, Anakin thinks he needs to have more power. He says to Padmé that he will never go through that again because he will become the most powerful Jedi ever. The power he wants is the ability to save people from death. This is linked to the fountain of youth. He wants to find a way to get that mythical power in order to become the greatest hero ever.
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