The legend of the Ring
In this text, you will understand a bit more about the origins of the ring and the reason why it was created. You will also see that what happened to Sméagol may happen to Frodo as well. A radical solution must be found then.
This short video will help you understand the origins of the ring and how it was lost after being created by the Dark Lord Sauron.
This video is the adaptation of this scene into the movie directed by Peter Jackson.
  • Places and Forms of Power
    • In this extract, we can see how the ring is attractive to Frodo. He feels attracted to it without really being aware of it. It shows that power can twist someone’s mind without being noticed.

    • Gandalf explains that he doesn’t want to get this power. He understands the evil that is within this ring and knows what would happen if he owned it. It proves his wisdom in a situation where many people would have accepted Frodo’s proposition. He fears to be unable to control himself with such a great power in his hands.

    • Through the story of the origins of the ring, we understand that a negative power can never be used for good. We also understand that it is necessary to know the consequences of a great power before accepting its burden. In other words, not everybody is capable of owning a great power.