The Sad Fate of Sméagol
In this text, you will see how power can be seductive and what people can do to have it. It will also point out the consequences of power on relationships and exchanges.
  • Places and Forms of Power
    • In this text, the ring represents power. It shows how power can change people.

    • Déagol finds the ring in the river but as soon as Sméagol sees it, he instantaneously wants it. Power is seductive. It attracts people. Here, this power is so intense that Sméagol decides to kill his friend in order to get that power.

    • Sméagol is not completely responsible of his actions. He may have the ring but it’s the ring that is controlling him. It shows that power changes people in a way that they can’t do anything against it.

    • Power can also trigger jealousy. This is what happens to Sméagol. He thinks he is being rejected from the village because people are jealous of his power. As soon as one person owns something that others don’t, it sets a difference and can ignite potential conflicts.

    • Finally, with the story of Sméagol, we see that the only thing that mattered for him was to keep his power, at any cost. He even became suspicious of the sun that could watch him. In his situation, his great power is not to be shared with anyone.

    • The physical change is one necessary step in the transformation of this character. His inner darkness and consumption must be seen on the outside. This is why Sméagol turns into a monstrous creature. He is also called Gollum, as a way to show that the person he was prior to the change is now long gone. Power has consumed Sméagol and he has become the monster Gollum.
  • Space and Exchange
    • In this story, we can see that exchanges can vary depending on the degree of power that people have. For Sméagol, everything changes the day he sees the ring.

    • He thinks people are jealous of his power. So, he starts imagining plots against him. His way of exchanging with the people of the village will never be the same again. Smeagol has become different since he owns the ring. People will reject him because of his difference.

    • When Sméagol is rejected by the village, he must go away. He will then have to discover and apprehend another space in which to live. He can’t stay in the same space after having changed.
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