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Crossing the Rocky Mountains
They could have died at this point. This is the moment all the members believed they were going to perish in the cold mountains…
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  • Private: soldat
  • Horrendous: terrible / horrible / affreux
  • Exhaustion: épuisement
  • To climb: grimper
  • To behold: regarder
  • Snowstorm: tempête de neige
  • To fill: remplir
  • Void: le vide
  • Guts: le ventre (familier)
  • Candle: bougie
  • Fat: graisse
  • To stagger: tituber
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  • the expedition could navigate
  • To get to the Nez Perce village would require five sleeps
  • They could see many Nez Perce lodges
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